Our Wrestling History

In Sterling Heights, Michigan, the connection between the Henry Ford II High School Wrestling team, Bemis Junior High School Wrestling Club, and Falcon Wrestling Youth Club forms a robust community for aspiring wrestlers. The legacy of athletic excellence in this community continues to grow, producing outstanding athletes and contributing to the sport’s development at various levels.

Henry Ford II High School Wrestling Team

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and part of Utica Community Schools, Henry Ford II High School has a rich tradition of athletic achievement, recognized as a Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School.

This school is named after Henry Ford II, the former leader of Ford Motors; it opened during his lifetime in 1973. The first group of students who graduated from here in 1975 went to Eisenhower High School — named after Dwight D. Eisenhower — before they transferred to this one.

Henry Ford II High School’s wrestling program standing out as one of the school’s pillars of success. The team has a storied history of dedication and hard work.

Key Highlights

  • Instruction: The coaching staff at Henry Ford II High School is a testament to the program’s success. They are committed to honing the skills of young athletes and developing well-rounded individuals both on and off the mat.
  • Team unity: Athletes support each other and form a tightly-knit group, which greatly contributes to their success.
  • Accomplishments: Over the years, Henry Ford II’s wrestling team has earned impressive results in regional and state-level competitions. Their devotion to training and improving their skills is reflected in their consistent wins.
  • Academic excellence: The team also emphasizes the importance of academics, promoting a balance between education and athletics among its student athletes.

Bemis Junior High School Wrestling Team

Before joining the Henry Ford II High School Wrestling Team, many young athletes in Sterling Heights start their wrestling journey at Bemis Junior High.

This middle school started in the 1950s, when many kids were joining the school district. It was first called Sterling Junior High. Then, in the 1980s, its name changed to honor Donald L. Bemis. Having led many meaningful efforts across Utica Community Schools, he was even a teacher and counselor at Sterling Junior High School. He and his wife, Chelsea, still take part in our school community.

Like Henry Ford II High School, Bemis Junior High is a Blue Ribbon School.

Key Highlights

  • Development ground: The Bemis Junior High School wrestling team is where many budding wrestlers in Sterling Heights receive their foundational training. The program instills a love for the sport and hones the skills of future high school wrestling stars.
  • Coaching and guidance: The coaching staff at Bemis Junior High School carefully nurtures young talents. They teach not only the technical aspects of wrestling, but also the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Transition to high school: The seamless transition from Bemis Junior High School to Henry Ford II High School provides a clear pathway for young wrestlers to continue their wrestling journey and reach their full potential.

Falcon Youth Wrestling Club

Sterling Heights’ Falcon Wrestling Club is held at Henry Ford II High School. This club plays a vital role in nurturing and cultivating young wrestling talents from the local community. It bridges youth wrestling with the Bemis Junior High and Henry Ford II High School programs.

Key Highlights

  • Youth development: The Falcon Wrestling Club is a stepping stone for youngsters interested in wrestling. It introduces them to the sport, helping them learn the fundamentals, build strength, and develop a passion for wrestling.
  • Coaching expertise: The club’s coaching staff is experienced and dedicated to creating a positive, supportive environment where young athletes can thrive.
  • Community involvement: The group fosters a sense of community, bringing together families and friends to support the development of young wrestlers. It not only helps children develop as athletes but also as responsible individuals.

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